National Law University Odisha, a vibrant addition to India’s National Law Universities seeks to promote holistic education and tries to provide its students with facilities for well-rounded development. Situated between rivers Kathajodi and Mahanadi, Odisha has a wide variety of species of plants and animals, and we as a person belonging to legal fraternity sense the significance of Animal and Environmental Laws. Animal and Environmental Laws, are body of law that govern rights and jurisprudence related to animal and environmental related matters. NLUO, as an institution works meticulously towards promoting research and knowledge in the field of Animal and Environmental Laws. We firmly believe in dissemination of knowledge through promotion of society dedicated solely towards research and development of Animal and Environmental Laws.

We have a dedicated team of individuals who devote themselves to conduct seminars, conferences and credit courses along with spreading awareness regarding subject of laws which requires special mention looking at the amount of violation of these laws’ happening throughout the country.

We had partnered with esteemed organizations like Humane Society International in order to organize the Conference on Animal and Environmental Welfare, 2018 which broadened the spectrum of Animal and Environmental Laws. Animal and Environmental Laws have immense prospects in India and NLUO strives to seek excellence in the field. With an ardor to encourage monograph in the field, it emanates the gleam of Odisha for being the hub of various species of plants and animals realm.